The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #19

Man comes in and asks for the latest Baldacci. I’m still half-helping somebody else, so I point it out to him instead of walking him there.
Me: “It’s right over there, that big pile on your left, under the ladder.”
Man walks over to the right, looking a bit puzzled.
Me: “No, it’s the one on the left, under the ladder.”
Man stays put and picks up a book with another author’s name stamped in massive letters across the cover. “This must be it, then.”
The other customer I was helping has now left, so I go over to put the man out of his misery. “I meant this big pile.” I hand him the book.
Man: “Oh, right. Well, it’s completely obscured by this ladder, so…”

The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #18

Man comes in to pick up a language book he’s ordered. While I’m looking for the book, he says some things in a language I can’t understand. Seeing as it’s a book used to learn Dutch, I assume he must be trying to tell me something but doesn’t know the words in Dutch. When I say “Sorry, what did you say?”, he doesn’t respond. Never mind. I find the book, we move to the till. He still keeps saying things in this foreign language, so by now I figure he’s talking to himself. Happens, whatever.

Suddenly, I notice that tucked in his brightly coloured scarf is a brightly coloured phone.

The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #17

Man asks me about a management book concerning sales. I tell him we don’t have many books on the subject, give him the one book off the shelf I can find, and ask if perhaps he’d like me to check if I can order anything. He says yes, please, so I move over to the computer and enter a search.

At this point, the man moves some books off a low table, sits down on said table and starts examining the book I’ve just given him.

About two feet away from him, there’s a four-legged stool.