The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #24

One of the things that annoys me most is how often, when I’m gift wrapping a book, people ask: “Did you remove the price tag?”

Yes. Yes, I did. I’m not an idiot.

I can understand some people may have previous experiences concerning price tags left on wrapped gifts. So, no, the people who jokingly point out that they’re double checking out of a silly sense of paranoia don’t bother me. The ones who bother me are the people who look at me as if I’m a worthless nitwit and literally turn the book over while I’m still holding it, to see for themselves if perhaps I’m not lying about that sticker.

I’ve taken to ostentatiously peeling off the stickers in full view of the customers, tilting the books in such a fashion that people can see that, yes, I am actually taking off the price tags. I feel ridiculous doing it, but at least it works.

Most of the time.