#100happydays – Day 37

037Got an awesome book for free, because the publisher sent it to us as promotion material and it spent a couple of weeks in the shop window. Perks of working in a bookshop, hee. (Obviously if I’d had a choice I would’ve gone for the original English version, but hey, I got it for free, so I’m not complaining.)

It’s called S. and it was created by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. Basically, it’s two stories in one. The book itself is supposed to be a library copy of a 1949 novel called Ship of Theseus – the cover has some smudges, the pages are yellowed, and the spine features a sticker with a DDC number (which makes me just a tiny bit curious as to how contemporary libraries are dealing with this thing). The other story is told in the form of ‘handwritten’ notes in the margins of the physical book, and concerns two students who are trying to find out what happened to the author of Ship of Theseus. It’s also got a bunch of loose materials stuck between the pages – postcards, letters, copies of telegrams, newspaper articles – all part of the second story.

Can’t wait to start reading this!