The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #22

The man I talked about before came back yesterday. He looked grumpy from the moment he came in, so I prepared myself to smother him with kindness.

You should know yesterday was the first day of the Dutch Book Week, a national event that involves bookshops promoting Dutch books and giving away a small book with each purchase of over €12,50 (a book especially written for this purpose).

Man puts book on the counter. I pretend not to notice he’s the same guy as before, and act as I usually do.
Me: “That’ll be €25,10 please.”
Man pays with a bank card without saying anything. I hand him the receipts.
Me: “Can I offer you the Book Week Gift?”
Man, impatiently: “No.”
Me: “Would you like a bag?”
Man, testily: “No.”
I hand him the book and he immediately hands it back to me, practically barking: “Remove the price tag.”
Me, cheerfully: “Of course, no problem.” I remove the sticker and hand the book back to him. “Have a nice day!”
He leaves without a word.

Being this grouchy all the time must be exhausting.