Comic Con!

Went to the first edition of Dutch Comic Con yesterday. They had ALL THE THINGS. Fantasy books and graphic novels and comics and the Batmobile and DVDs and clothes and Dalek cuff links and action figures and Giant Microbes and toys and video games and board games and card games and famous people dressed normally and non-famous people dressed up like fictional characters and mugs and food and everything.


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#100happydays – Day 42

042The TARDIS has landed in Leiden, the Netherlands! Also, I just downloaded a new photo app that’s cool in a very strange way…

Anyway, get your own foldable TARDIS here. :D

(Boyfriend held up this tiny TARDIS for me. I won’t mention all the strange looks we got as we tried to photograph a small blue paper box in the middle of the city. Half the pictures had cyclists in them…)