#366happydays – Day 78

Went for a walk today and saw another kingfisher and a bunch of shy sheep and some hilarious chickens. Also, pretty flowers. Spring is really here :D



#366happydays – Day 8

Went for a walk this morning because it was so nice and sunny, and ended up at the nearby petting zoo. These chickens were piled up by their fence, trying to catch the sunlight as it was leaving the coop :)



#100happydays – Day 31

031Had a high tea today with two of my oldest friends. Sandwiches, tiny quiches, scones, fruit, cupcake-sized apple pies, piles of sweet stuff (like brownies and macarons) and several pots of tea. All delicious, of course. And overabundant.

Anybody who’s ever in Middelburg, Zeeland: Honey Pie, cutest place ever. Their outdoor sitting area is on a boat surrounded by pink geraniums, there’s a sheep on one of the tables and they have about a dozen different toilet roll holders in the loo.

(They also have a sign that says: “A person who is nice to you but is not nice to the waiter is not a nice person,” which I totally agree with. Plus, there was a decorative mobile made of small pieces of paper claiming all sorts of things, including the fact that there are more chickens on this earth than there are people.)