#366happydays – Day 173 to 184

Holiday in France!

Day 173 – Extremely comfortable-looking doggie :P


Day 174 – Heavenly swimming pool…


Day 175 – Homemade panini!


Day 176 – Dozens of swallows in the sky over Carpentras :)


Day 177 – Beautiful flowers <3


Day 178 – Pretty birds! (Plucked pictures off Google, obviously.)


Day 179 – Spent the day at Villeneuve and Avignon. Ice cream and sushi ;)

avignon en villeneuf

Day 180 – The caves of Thouzon :)


Day 181 – Evening picnic at Lac du Paty <3


Day 182 – The butterflies at Le Carbet Amazonien :D


Day 183 – Finished project: a small dog for boyfriend’s mum :) (Pattern adapted from


Day 184 – Coming home to find the garden exploded with flowers and such :D




#366happydays – Day 109

Two crochet projects finished! Small apple and tiny amigurumi lovebirds in a nest full of eggs 💜 (I need to learn to embroider properly, but even so… They’re so cuuuute)

Patterns from:

Apple –
Birds –
Eggs –
Nest – based on



I fed the birds on our terrace this winter, including a bunch of turtle doves who came and ate bird seeds out of an ashtray on the garden table. They came in couples and they were adorable, and one of them got so used to me that he felt comfortable eating when I was standing only two feet away. Because, theoretically at least, it is practically spring and they should be able to take care of themselves by now, I stopped feeding them a few days ago. (Also because 1. I don’t want them to eat everything I’m going to plant over the next couple of weeks and 2. they spent the last few days fighting amongst themselves.)

And now it’s cold and rainy and windy and this guy is sitting there looking miserable and I feel like a jerk…