#366happydays – Day 200

Boyfriend’s birthday! (Hence all of yesterday’s baking.) Since his actual present is still in the mail I crocheted him a small Snoopy and Woodstock :D Am especially proud of Woodstock as I made him without a pattern. Snoopy pattern is here:

Cutting up the grasshopper squares was a major mess, but they’re SO DELICIOUS OH MY GOD. Bottom layer is brownie, then a layer of white chocolate mixed with cream and a little peppermint essence and food colouring, and the top layer is dark chocolate with cream. They contain a total of about 1.5 kg of chocolate… *drool*



#366happydays – Day 199

Our fridge is full of cake 😂

Made plain cupcakes with strawberry jam filling, topped with light buttercream with a tiny touch of cinnamon. I hope they taste as good as they look… (The recipe called for doughnut balls on top but I left those out, so I’m hoping the strawberry-cinnamon combination doesn’t taste weird.)

The big blob of chocolate is supposed to become a batch of grasshopper squares, but I won’t know how those turn out until I cut the thing up tomorrow…