Grapefruit lemonade :D

It’ll be hot again tomorrow, so lemonade!

Mix 1 part lemon juice, 1,5 part grapefruit juice (my grapefruit was bigger than my lemon haha), 0,5-0,75 part sugar (depending on how sweet you want to make it), 7 parts water. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Makes about a litre of lemonade :)


Crochet catch-up!

So apparently if I’m not doing some sort of daily challenge I don’t use this blog at all?

I’ve been crocheting a lot over the past months, as you can see. About half of these were gifts, and I’ve not been posting pictures so as not to give anything away to the recipients on Facebook. Since I’m at home now fighting off a cold while it’s all lovely and sunny and 25 C outside, this seemed as good a time as any to round up my projects.


More info and pattern links under the cut!

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