Crochet catch-up!

So apparently if I’m not doing some sort of daily challenge I don’t use this blog at all?

I’ve been crocheting a lot over the past months, as you can see. About half of these were gifts, and I’ve not been posting pictures so as not to give anything away to the recipients on Facebook. Since I’m at home now fighting off a cold while it’s all lovely and sunny and 25 C outside, this seemed as good a time as any to round up my projects.


More info and pattern links under the cut!

The bunny was a baby gift and can be found at I ended up crocheting soft eyes because as it turns out, ‘safety eyes’ are actually not safe for children under 3 years old.

The orange T-Rex was a gift for the baby’s older sister. This pattern is available from for a relatively small fee (the first pattern I’ve ever paid for; it’s so cute I just couldn’t resist!). The blue one was made with a smaller hook and yarn and was also a gift. I made some changes to the stripes in the pattern as the person who wrote it seems not to have considered the fact that working in a spiral means your first stitch moves a little every round; they came out looking a little crooked the first time, but my own green version looks better.

The blue bag was a Mother’s Day present and is based on a pattern that Google kindly translated for me from Italian: The ‘flower’ decorations are based on the first few rounds of a random doily from Pinterest:

The chameleon is based on this pattern: but made with thicker (self-colouring) yarn and is therefore – with the tail rolled out completely – roughly twice the length of my hand. Using different yarn meant his eyes seemed enormous compared to his head, hence the added ridges on his face. He’s currently chilling in our chandelier and it may not look like it but I swear he actually has four legs.

The jellyfish was just stash-busting and getting rid of longer yarn scraps left over from the bunny project. Mostly it was improvisation, but it looks a little like these guys I saw floating around on Pinterest:

There’ll be more on the top-left dinosaurs in another post soon :)