The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #10

Man walks up, looking quite normal though perhaps slightly disinterested, and puts a book on the counter. While I scan the sticker he gets out a gift card for €25, but doesn’t hand it to me yet.
Me: “That’ll be €27,25 please.”
Man, looking angry: “I don’t think so.”
Me, slightly confused, checking the sticker: “No, really, it says €27,25.”
Man hands me the gift card: “What about this thing?”
Me, calmly: “Yes, that takes care of €25, but the price is €27,25 which means I still need €2,25.”
Man, raising his voice: “Then why do you keep saying €27,25?!”
Me, making a good attempt at not showing my irritation and instead being perfectly clear: “Because that is the price of the book. Your gift card is for €25, so I still need €2,25. I was merely trying to explain that the gift card does not cover the total sum.”
Man pays the remaining sum by pin.
Me: “Would you like a bag?”
Man mumbles something long and unintelligible which I ultimately take to mean no, so I offer him a small paper bag instead.
Man: “No, I want a bag.”
I’m by now trying very hard not to shout at him for being either deliberately obtuse or deliberately annoying, but I manage to remain polite. I offer him a receipt, I wish him a good day, and he leaves.

Five minutes later he comes back, saying he wants to return his book because he is dissatisfied with the service he received from me. I’m ready to smack him in the face with a sledgehammer, but I help him, politely, apologising, giving him his money back, with another receipt and everything.

I swear, the next time he comes back and behaves like a perfect jackass again, I’m going to ask him to leave and never come back. Very politely.

3 thoughts on “The Joys of Working in a Bookshop – #10

  1. Rianne says:

    Haha He didn’t want the book in the first place but the giftcard in actual cash! He then can spend it on a sledgehammer for you :D


    • Haha yes the gift card thing is exactly what I thought, but my colleague said he comes in more often and he’s ALWAYS like this…


  2. Plien says:

    Hehehe, if it were at my place, he’d be even more dissatisfied with the “service”. He wouldn’t have got those 25 euros in cash back, mehehehe. Tossed

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